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Group Rules

Please make sure you are our Journals!
We will post important Group Updates, Contest Info and Roleplays in there!

Mascot contest results!~ Results ~
First place goes to...

Entry 14 by InuDante with 19 votes! They can expect to receive 100 :points: and 5 Llamas as well as a chibi drawn by Terie-chan. Their design will be the new group mascot!
Second place goes to...

Entry 9 by Terie-chan with 11 votes! They can expect to receive 50 :points: and 3 Llamas
chibi drawn by Terie-chan(or not, it might be silly for them to draw themselves something as a prize.)
Third place goes to...

Entry 12 by Dealupus with 10 votes! They can expect to receive 30 :points: and 2 Llamas
chibi drawn by Terie-chan
The honorable mentions are...

Entry 5 by spunkyjaguar

Entry 4 by Amanska

Entry 6 by vampirequeen1030
Each honorable mention will recieve 15 :points: and 1 Llama
Pixel art by Terie-chan
Time to Pick the Mascot Name!Now that we've got a mascot, I think it's only right for the mascot to have a name.
:iconInudante:, the artist who created it, wishes for it to be named Jairrico.
I don't have a problem with this name, however, since the mascot's for the entire group, I'll let the decision fall to the majority who speaks up. Therefore, comment with yes or no in regards to whether you think that the name should be Jairrico. If no, then suggest a name that you think is more suitable.

Make sure to visit our group chatroom!

There are only 2 rules in our chat: No spamming and be friendly! :)

If you don't follow them we'll send the mary-sues after you! :iconfoxevillaughplz:

§1. Be polite to everyone - if you don't like someone, don't talk to them.

§2. If you want to leave your RP or take a break, please talk to your role play partner(s) but don't just stop answering!

§3. Submit to the right folder!

Featured - Look in this folder to find important updates about the group.

Role play requests - Pretty self-explaining. Journals, literature or artworks - as long as it's your way to say "I want to role play!" it's okay. ^^

18 and up role play requests It's like role play requests, but for the more mature role plays.

Character references - For references of your own role play characters. If the artwork is not a real reference but a mere drawing of your character, the description must contain more information, e.g. a written reference.

Written character references - When you have a written profile of your own role play characters, you can submit it here.

Character artworks - This is for artworks about your role play characters.

Character tales - Want to share the story of your own role play characters? Submit it here!

Illustrations of rp moments - Got a drawing based on an rp? Show us here!

Rp-inspired comics - If you have fit an rp into a comic post it here.

Contest - This folder is reserved for entries onto RP-Agency contests.

Ask-blogs - Looking to advertise an ask blog? As long as your ask-blog is open to rps you're welcome to show it off here.

RP related References - Got a reference you use for rps that isn't strictly a character? post it here! (ex. uniforms, locations, ect.)

How do I join?
Simply hit the 'join' button, all requests are automatically accepted.

Should I watch this group?
If you are interested in role playing - absolutely!
Role plays will be posted both in our gallery and in our journals
Group news (contests, updates, etc) will be posted in the journal
Character Art will be posted in our gallery (of course)

Where can I find RPs?
1. On our front page
2. The categories overview is listing some
3. In our gallery folder Role play requests

What ways are there to submit rps?
You can submit a journal to the gallery, post a comment on the front page or submit it to the categories journal

I've seen an interesting role play I'd like to play in the categories. How can I do that?
Simply note the person who launched it - you'll find their username in the description of the role play.

What are the submission limits?
You can submit up to 2 artworks per day per category per person. The only exceptions are role play requests, you can submit up to 7 of them per day.

What can I submit to this group?
We will accept:
- role play requests
- Drawn or written references of your own roleplay characters
- Artworks showing your own roleplay characters
- Stories about your own roleplay characters
- When we are holding a contest, entries for it
We won't accept:
- everything else

Whoops - I've submitted something into the wrong gallery folder! What should I do?
Just comment on our front page and tell us about it, we will then fix it ^^

I have an idea on how to improve your group! Do you want to hear it?
Yes, we'd love to! If you have an idea feel free to leave a comment on our feedback journal!

I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?
Comment with your question on the front page and we'll do our best to answer it quickly. ^^

-- You can view the full FAQ here --

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator
Daily Life
Science Fiction
If you think there's a category missing don't be afraid to leave a comment - we're always open for suggestions :)
Other rp groups to check out! (48 groups)Since all of you seem to know of many other wonderful RP groups I though it would be a good idea to collect and organize them to make them easy to look though ^^ If you would please post the groups in the comments along with a brief summery of the group such as whether it centers around a certain plot or setting or if it is just another place to find people.
:icontala-shi: EDIT: the group must be running and at least planing on accepting members soon for it to be added, Please let me know if a group is experiencing trouble of any sort or postponing new member sign ups and I will at a feature where you can roll over the group name and see what is going on.
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Changes to affiliatesSince we are using this time to update our club we have also decided to update what we are using the affiliates section for.
Short version:
We are removing all affiliations and will be adding groups that we are constantly working with to improve both clubs.
Long version:
We are removing all affiliations as the affiliations didn't seem to do anything to help any of the groups involved so now we will be using that space to feature groups that we are working with to improve both groups through ways such as sharing code to use in journals and on the main pages, Helping out in events, and other ways yet to be determined.
What we are looking for:
To affiliate with this group you must put why you wish to affiliate with us and how you want to help us as well as how you want us to help you. If the affiliation request is missing this information I will personally message the submitter to retrieve this information so please at least have a response ready. After we have the in
FeedbackHello everyone! :)
This is the feedback site, feel free to comment about your thoughts of the group or your ideas - we're always open for suggestions!  :aww:
If you want to report a bug, e.g. a broken link, simply tell us about it here or on our front page and we'll work on fixing it! ;)


please check out… if you are interesting in submitting a group for us to affiliate with.

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18 and up role play requests
Written character references
Character tales

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muraebraun Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist

Looking for more people who are willing to RP through e-mail (no more Skype, sorry) on a decently regular basis (at least once per day).

I maintain a fairly long list of fandoms, and enjoy doing canon/canon. I also have some OCs, and am able to create a new one to fit the world if necessary.

For rules and fandom list, please see my Deviant ID. Some key rules/expectations:

- Paragraph/novella form only, and no one-liners ever.
- No Canon/OC. Either both are canon, or both are OC.
- I don't usually like slice-of-life things, so if that's your proposition, please have a good case built for it.

Some reasons why you should RP with me:

- Flexible with most fetishes (no scat or vomit-related things, giants, extreme BDSM)
- Willing to play top/seme (but I'd love to find someone willing to play switch/seke with me)
- I like to RP action of all sorts! Battle, arguments, scuffles, wars!

What I would love to do most:

- Black / N (Pokemon, I'd like to play bottom or switch [N] in this one)
- Luke/ Ion (Tales of the Abyss)
- Richard/Asbel (Tales of Graces F)
- Medieval/Fantasy RP with my OC Fritz (human sword-for-hire)
- Modern or near-future RP with my OC Selvan (vampire)
Hidden by Commenter
Tori-Jinxx Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Does anyone want to do a Invader Zim Yaoi RP ?
I wish to play Zim.

Bullet; Green I do Long term or Short term RPs
Bullet; Green I allow females & male to roleplay with me all ages. ( prefer +15 or older )
Bullet; Green Homosexual, Straight, and Lesbian Relationships are welcome.
Bullet; Green I do OC x Canon, OC x OC 
Bullet; Green I do +18 
Bullet; Green I do 3rd person

I do notes and also Skype, I rather rp on Skype cause it will be much faster ! So if anyone is up for it please note me!

sonicxluffy Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
looking for someone who wont mind a mature rp. i mostly do yaoi/bara but hetero is welcome.  looking for a master and slave relationship but i'm willing to do other things.
Tori-Jinxx Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Does anyone want to do a role play with me ?

Bullet; Green I do Long term or Short term RPs
Bullet; Green I allow females & male to roleplay with me all ages. ( prefer +15 or older )
Bullet; Green Homosexual, Straight, and Lesbian Relationships are welcome.
Bullet; Green I do OC x Canon, OC x OC 
Bullet; Green I do +18 
Bullet; Green I do 3rd person

I do notes and also Skype, I rather rp on Skype cause it will be much faster ! So if anyone is up for it please note me!
Would anybody like to rp with me? i do rps with a lot of good drama, sacrifice, action, adventure, romance (if its not yaoi or yuri), and a little bit of comedy. i do either mlp, sadtalia(like fan fiction things and americas storage cleaning) and warrior cats rp. ill do creepypasta rp's when I'm done with my second creepypasta. OC'S PLEASE
CrazyPandaLover Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kik RP! Littleninjachick99
I'll do:
Zombie apocalypse
RaziKitsune Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
I doubt this really fits in here but might as well attempt some effort~

I need help completing a story that I am currently developing. If you are interested in writing a story (may have some rp moments/rp is optional) that revolves around; fantasy, adventure, romance, suspense, battles scenes, past, present, future, and time & space(dimension) traveling. Than follow the link below to read more

I am making this story into a online comic. My goal is to eventually have it printed and offered online to buy once completed with a bundle of extra stuff (Original artwork, posters, etc) in which the person who helps me make this into a reality will be the first person to receive this bundle. For free.…
Thank you for your interests~
Antleraptor Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
Hello everyone! I’m looking for a roleplay! I would like to see about using one of the characters I do not get to use much as of late. If none of these are acceptable, then oh well, I can use one of the other ones. I’ve got a Mafioso, another criminal, plain humans, werewolves (bipedal and quadrupedal), a vampire, a Kelpie, and more! I do not care about what gender your character is. I’m good with just about all subgenres (ex. action, drama, adventure, etc.), as well. Also, I don’t have pre-written plots that I’ll demand you adhere to, because that’s controlling and lame. Tab me if interested! :] (Also, keep your fetishit out of it!!!!)
My characters can be found here: Characters Available for Roleplay
My standards can be found here:  My RP 'rules'
eninjask123 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Hey everyone, I'm new to RP, but I'd like to learn how to. I have one OC I created that I'd be willing to RP with, if it's not too much trouble for anyone to help a novice learn. I wouldn't care about the setting, just so long as it's kept pg-13.

I'd put a link to my OC, Alric, here, but I'm not sure how. I created an OC profile which I'll probably upload to this group, but I can't recommend any other way to find it other than visiting my profile. Thanks!
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