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Please read this journal before submitting an Affiliation request!

Group Rules

Please make sure you are our Journals!
We will post important Group Updates and Event Infos in there!


Currently none.


Make sure to visit our group chatroom!

There are only 2 rules in our chat: No spamming and be friendly! :)


If you don't follow them we'll send the mary-sues after you! :iconfoxevillaughplz:

§1. Be polite to everyone - if you don't like someone, don't talk to them.

§2. If you want to leave your RP or take a break, please talk to your role play partner(s) but don't just stop answering!

§3. Submit to the right folder!

Featured - Look in this folder to find important updates about the group.

Role play requests - Pretty self-explaining. Journals, literature or artworks - as long as it's your way to say "I want to role play!" it's okay. ^^

18 and up role play requests - It's like role play requests, but for the more mature role plays.

Character references - For references of your own role play characters. If the artwork is not a real reference but a mere drawing of your character, the description must contain more information, e.g. a written reference.

Written character references - When you have a written profile of your own role play characters, you can submit it here.

Blank character references - Reference sheets that haven't been filled out yet go here.

Character artworks - This is for artworks about your role play characters.

Character tales - Want to share the story of your own role play characters? Submit it here!

Illustrations of rp moments - Got a drawing based on an rp? Show us here!

Rp-inspired comics - If you have fit an rp into a comic post it here.

Contest - This folder is reserved for entries onto RP-Agency contests.

Ask-blogs - Looking to advertise an ask blog? As long as your ask-blog is open to rps you're welcome to show it off here.

RP related things - Got something that inolves rps but doesn't fit into any of the other categories? post it here! (ex. uniform references, world maps, ect.)


How do I join?
Simply hit the 'join' button, all requests are automatically accepted.

Should I watch this group?
If you are interested in role playing - absolutely!
Role plays will be posted both in our gallery and in our journals
Group news (contests, updates, etc) will be posted in the journal
Character Art will be posted in our gallery (of course)

Where can I find RPs?
1. On our front page
2. The categories overview is listing some
3. In our gallery folder Role play requests

What ways are there to submit rps?
You can submit a journal to the gallery, post a comment on the front page or submit it to the categories journal

I've seen an interesting role play I'd like to play in the categories. How can I do that?
Simply note the person who launched it - you'll find their username in the description of the role play.

What are the submission limits?
You can submit up to 2 artworks per day per category per person. The only exceptions are role play requests, you can submit up to 7 of them per day.

What can I submit to this group?
We will accept:
- role play requests
- Drawn or written references of your own roleplay characters
- Artworks showing your own roleplay characters
- Stories about your own roleplay characters
- When we are holding a contest, entries for it
We won't accept:
- everything else

Whoops - I've submitted something into the wrong gallery folder! What should I do?
Just comment on our front page and tell us about it, we will then fix it ^^

I have an idea on how to improve your group! Do you want to hear it?
Yes, we'd love to! If you have an idea feel free to leave a comment on our feedback journal!

I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?
Comment with your question on the front page and we'll do our best to answer it quickly. ^^

-- You can view the full FAQ here --


Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator
Daily Life
Science Fiction
If you think there's a category missing don't be afraid to leave a comment - we're always open for suggestions :)
Other rp groups to check out! (59 groups)Since all of you seem to know of many other wonderful RP groups I though it would be a good idea to collect and organize them to make them easy to look though ^^ If you would please post the groups in the comments along with a brief summery of the group such as whether it centers around a certain plot or setting or if it is just another place to find people.
:icontala-shi: EDIT: the group must be running and at least planing on accepting members soon for it to be added, Please let me know if a group is experiencing trouble of any sort or postponing new member sign ups and I will at a feature where you can roll over the group name and see what is going on.
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G (3)   • H (0)   • <
Changes to affiliatesSince we are using this time to update our club we have also decided to update what we are using the affiliates section for.
Short version:
We are removing all affiliations and will be adding groups that we are constantly working with to improve both clubs.
Long version:
We are removing all affiliations as the affiliations didn't seem to do anything to help any of the groups involved so now we will be using that space to feature groups that we are working with to improve both groups through ways such as sharing code to use in journals and on the main pages, Helping out in events, and other ways yet to be determined.
What we are looking for:
To affiliate with this group you must put why you wish to affiliate with us and how you want to help us as well as how you want us to help you. If the affiliation request is missing this information I will personally message the submitter to retrieve this information so please at least have a response ready. After we have the in
Feedback/Suggestions boxHello everyone! :)
This is the feedback site, feel free to comment about your thoughts of the group or your ideas - we're always open for suggestions!  :aww:
If you want to report a bug, e.g. a broken link, simply tell us about it here or on our front page and we'll work on fixing it! ;)
:iconTala-shi:Edit: I have found that many of our members do have ideas for the group but don't seem to know where to put them when we have created this some time ago to organize them. All your ideas can go here, from events to organization, even if you are just telling us what you want more or less of. We want to hear your opinions, all you have to do is speak up.

Gallery Folders

18 and up role play requests
Role play requests
Written character references
Fandom RP -closed
Original RP -closed

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Deltablue12 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking for people to rp with...
(here's something I had in mind)
Hyaku a serial killer that only stays in a city for max 100 days has come to town. As a detective in the local homicide devision it's your job to stop this killer before he can escape...

- Preferably skype or notes
- I prefer paragraph style.
- There can be romance (although probably bxb since Hya is an uke)
-all types of OCs allowed as as long as it looks human on the outside (so no anthro or furry characters)
-no canon characters though...
Speedythekitty Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015
Hey everyone! I recently got Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition for my 3DS. I'm already on El Dorado's Firecloud Tower(I could probably be farther if I didn't stop to do quests and leveling) and had the URGE to roleplay P & D Z(I'll abbreviate the game like that, I guess). Anyone interested? You don't really have to know much about the game, I can fill you in! ;)
surisse-silberstein Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

A Modern Fantasy Yaoi Roleplaying Group (Mature)

About the Group

Card-Sharp runs its operations both on Proboards and Skype. The rules, FAQ, character profiles, and roleplay archives can be found on the forum while the roleplay and OOC chats are hosted on Skype. 

About the Members

We're a friendly, mature bunch from different backgrounds that enjoy well written responses in a chill environment. We're a literate group that average roughly three paragraphs, with some more even exceeding that amount. We prefer to have a small family of individuals who know each other outside of our characters, and contribute to the group as a whole over having a large number of endless members who never participate. 

About the Rules

Our rules consist of very basic roleplaying rules with some formatted to fit our own needs. We allow for a maximum of three characters, one supernatural per person, and one user may not be allowed to have all three of said characters to be a singular role (i.e., three ukes).

How to Join

You will need to add me on Skype at Ashtainw and have the form below ready when you go to contact me. Please say if you are responding to this ad or I'll more than likely ignore you. Thanks in advance!


Name: Nickname or real name.
Age: 18+!!
Availability: How often are you on?
Roleplaying Experience: How long have you been roleplaying, when did you start, etc.
Typical Reply Length: How long are your replies?
Likes and Dislikes in a roleplay:
Post samples: Click here to see a sneak peek of our posts:…
NightmareDude67 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015

I would like to see if I might

I usually prefer Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance Anthro or Superhero

I would still like to do a Fairly Odd Parents, Teen Titans, American Dragon etc

But now I wanted to post up a few rules in terms of RPing.

1. Please write at least a Paragraph or more posts. Doesn't have to be novel length but just write more then five sentences in detail.
2. I only do Original Characters, I don't play Canon characters ever so please don't ask. Also, tell me your character you plan to use as well as your own set of rules
3. I am a bit slow in the notes replies sometimes with college, so keep that in mind. Skype is faster which I also use.
4. If there is Romance, please keep it straight. I will always play the Male.
5. Please tell me if you want the story mature or not. I prefer my stories to be mature so please be 18+ if you plan on doing so.
6. If I did stop an RP before, please remind me if you want to continue or do a new one.
7. If there is an issue in the RP, please tell me beforehand so we can work up a solution.
8. Note me if you have any questions or want to RP,

Thank you for your time again.
Dimensionsatwar Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

.: Best-of-roleplayers :.

Hello everyone! This is a group advertisement not a roleplay request!

Best-of-roleplayers is looking for more members in its group. We are striving to find the best roleplayers and put them all together in one group. A non threatening with no racism, sexism or other hateful thoughts environment is meant to be created here. Also a way to find the type of roleplayer you are looking for. Roleplay requests are allowed and so is showing off your wonderful art!

New roleplayers are very welcome as well. If you are a new roleplayer and would like to learn from others and have fun as we do please join =)

The group is fairly empty right now so it would help if you asked more people to join. Everything is allowed as long as you read the basic few rules beforehand.  

We are also looking for one or two more admins who are experienced in handling a group.

darkbeliever95 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Tom&jerry rp anyone? (Or whatever you have in mind)
VorpalBon Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2015
Hello, I'm lookin for rp partners!~ someone to do Yaoi with mostly. It can be fluffy or R rated. 

Note me for we can do some good ol plots~!
(1 Reply)
EuropaAstronaut Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Student General Artist

:iconchimera-moon: Is a new RP group. Applications are now being accepted, come check us out!
Tori-Jinxx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Does anyone want to have a RP of:



Borderlands 2 
(or the tales of the borderlands series )

If anyone wants to RP note me then we can go to Skype !

• I do Long term or Short term RPs

• I allow females & male to roleplay with me all ages. ( prefer +16 or older )

• Straight and Lesbian Relationships are welcome.

• I do +18 

• I do SkypeI rather rp on Skype cause it will be much faster ! So if anyone is up for it please note me!
saber360 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
If anyone is up for some Male & Female RPing (which I can promise you is NOT gonna contain anything seriously f-ed up) then let me know, please.
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