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Please read this journal before submitting an Affiliation request!

Group Rules

Please make sure you are our Journals!
We will post important Group Updates and Event Infos in there!


Currently none.


Make sure to visit our group chatroom!

There are only 2 rules in our chat: No spamming and be friendly! :)


If you don't follow them we'll send the mary-sues after you! :iconfoxevillaughplz:

§1. Be polite to everyone - if you don't like someone, don't talk to them.

§2. If you want to leave your RP or take a break, please talk to your role play partner(s) but don't just stop answering!

§3. Submit to the right folder!

Featured - Look in this folder to find important updates about the group.

Role play requests - Pretty self-explaining. Journals, literature or artworks - as long as it's your way to say "I want to role play!" it's okay. ^^

18 and up role play requests - It's like role play requests, but for the more mature role plays.

Character references - For references of your own role play characters. If the artwork is not a real reference but a mere drawing of your character, the description must contain more information, e.g. a written reference.

Written character references - When you have a written profile of your own role play characters, you can submit it here.

Blank character references - Reference sheets that haven't been filled out yet go here.

Character artworks - This is for artworks about your role play characters.

Character tales - Want to share the story of your own role play characters? Submit it here!

Illustrations of rp moments - Got a drawing based on an rp? Show us here!

Rp-inspired comics - If you have fit an rp into a comic post it here.

Contest - This folder is reserved for entries onto RP-Agency contests.

Ask-blogs - Looking to advertise an ask blog? As long as your ask-blog is open to rps you're welcome to show it off here.

RP related things - Got something that inolves rps but doesn't fit into any of the other categories? post it here! (ex. uniform references, world maps, ect.)


How do I join?
Simply hit the 'join' button, all requests are automatically accepted.

Should I watch this group?
If you are interested in role playing - absolutely!
Role plays will be posted both in our gallery and in our journals
Group news (contests, updates, etc) will be posted in the journal
Character Art will be posted in our gallery (of course)

Where can I find RPs?
1. On our front page
2. The categories overview is listing some
3. In our gallery folder Role play requests

What ways are there to submit rps?
You can submit a journal to the gallery, post a comment on the front page or submit it to the categories journal

I've seen an interesting role play I'd like to play in the categories. How can I do that?
Simply note the person who launched it - you'll find their username in the description of the role play.

What are the submission limits?
You can submit up to 2 artworks per day per category per person. The only exceptions are role play requests, you can submit up to 7 of them per day.

What can I submit to this group?
We will accept:
- role play requests
- Drawn or written references of your own roleplay characters
- Artworks showing your own roleplay characters
- Stories about your own roleplay characters
- When we are holding a contest, entries for it
We won't accept:
- everything else

Whoops - I've submitted something into the wrong gallery folder! What should I do?
Just comment on our front page and tell us about it, we will then fix it ^^

I have an idea on how to improve your group! Do you want to hear it?
Yes, we'd love to! If you have an idea feel free to leave a comment on our feedback journal!

I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?
Comment with your question on the front page and we'll do our best to answer it quickly. ^^

-- You can view the full FAQ here --


Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator
Daily Life
Science Fiction
If you think there's a category missing don't be afraid to leave a comment - we're always open for suggestions :)
Other rp groups to check out! (59 groups)Since all of you seem to know of many other wonderful RP groups I though it would be a good idea to collect and organize them to make them easy to look though ^^ If you would please post the groups in the comments along with a brief summery of the group such as whether it centers around a certain plot or setting or if it is just another place to find people.
:icontala-shi: EDIT: the group must be running and at least planing on accepting members soon for it to be added, Please let me know if a group is experiencing trouble of any sort or postponing new member sign ups and I will at a feature where you can roll over the group name and see what is going on.
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Changes to affiliatesSince we are using this time to update our club we have also decided to update what we are using the affiliates section for.
Short version:
We are removing all affiliations and will be adding groups that we are constantly working with to improve both clubs.
Long version:
We are removing all affiliations as the affiliations didn't seem to do anything to help any of the groups involved so now we will be using that space to feature groups that we are working with to improve both groups through ways such as sharing code to use in journals and on the main pages, Helping out in events, and other ways yet to be determined.
What we are looking for:
To affiliate with this group you must put why you wish to affiliate with us and how you want to help us as well as how you want us to help you. If the affiliation request is missing this information I will personally message the submitter to retrieve this information so please at least have a response ready. After we have the in
Feedback/Suggestions boxHello everyone! :)
This is the feedback site, feel free to comment about your thoughts of the group or your ideas - we're always open for suggestions!  :aww:
If you want to report a bug, e.g. a broken link, simply tell us about it here or on our front page and we'll work on fixing it! ;)
:iconTala-shi:Edit: I have found that many of our members do have ideas for the group but don't seem to know where to put them when we have created this some time ago to organize them. All your ideas can go here, from events to organization, even if you are just telling us what you want more or less of. We want to hear your opinions, all you have to do is speak up.

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Role play requests
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saber360 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
I have a Furry Romance RP idea if anyone who is HONESTLY in their 20s like me is interested in at least hearing me out on it, BUT NO SICK FETISHES OF ANY KIND.
Seriously. > : (
MayasAdventures Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Student General Artist
Ok so I dont really have an idea but thats where you will come in. I need someone to be a male OC to go with my female Demon OC. This will be a romance.

Im pretty laid back, but no one liners, proper grammer and stuff. (im not great either but needs to be kinda good)

I DONT do sex parts, i skip to the next morning after.

NO fetishs. 

So yeah Hug 

Send a note!
Antleraptor Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
Created a brand new RP group- RPLibrary. This group does not accept fetish content in an effort to make things easier on people who are seeking RP dedicated to plot and substance, as it eliminates the need to weed through the sexual content.
(1 Reply)
Scorchwind58 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm looking for an rp with my female anthro:
I want it to be a story: i don't really mind where it goes so long as its a story. it has to build up; the characters have to get to know each other and learn about each other etc. No they were already friends or whatever. 
You cant be easily irritated by spelling; i'm not the best and if i'm just responding quickly i might not even make sense -but i try- 
I don't control my responses they depend on whats going on. sometimes it'll be like reading a book sometimes it'll be a few words it all depends on how my character would react. 
My character has a ruff backstory/life she is constantly being chased and attacked buy her sister -long story- but it could get dark/gorey so if that doesn't really appeal or if you cant handle: don't rp if you want i can link to a bit of her very young backstory i've written out.

If your interested reply here: and describe a little about your character and what your looking for to rp. (what type of person (or creature really) your character is) 
blackieDAbest Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Hello there HeartPixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose 

Im looking for a walking dead roleplay 

Must have good grammer and decent spelling, you need to be good with story lines and plots, you need to rp like this....

for example "Tesla: *walks around looking for Jamie* where the hell did he go..."

And for the love of god PLEASE no OP characters or characters with powers!

Anyways you also need to at least follow this story line a little

(( this is just notes I got done, I dont have any pages done with the story just yet )) 

When young she had close feelings to her father and less to her mother, she hated her grandfather cause he would always get drunk and hurt her in away way he can, when 18 about to move out and away from her family the zombie apocalypse starts and the army was forced to brake into the house killing bother her grandfather and parents, Tesla runs to the motorcycle outside starts it and head to Atlanta, The army started blowing up the buildings in Atlanta so Tesla starts driving out but stopping on a highway without gas, days of camping out there, Merle and Daryl were on there way to Atlanta and end up crossing paths with Tesla, Merle wanted to kill Tesla for her stuff but Daryl said that it was best to keep her for backup, Tesla became a BIG part of the team for a while, after days of being in Atlanta they head back to the highway where they met Tesla, a gun shot was heard and so were a couple of screams, Merle Daryl and Tesla looked over a car to see a horde of walkers walking on the highway, like a dumb ass Merle yelled "run" vary loudly and they started running after them, the run into the woods but stop being sounded by walkers, Daryl panicked and shot Tesla by accident, Daryl and Merle think she is dead and make a run for it

Also this rp starts BEFORE the zombie apocalypse 

Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose So if you'd like to rp PLEASE just note me or reply to me herePixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose 
(1 Reply)
darkbeliever95 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Roleplaying is my drug sooo... Let me know if you wanna x3
(1 Reply)
mirathomson Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
hay everyone looking for an rp partner well so am I! heres some oc's i wanna use note me if your interested I have other ocs too

percy jackson…

black butler…
(1 Reply)
joe-schmendrik Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016
Human male looking for RP partners with a vast repertoire of female anthros from cartoons, games, comics/webcomics, etc. in bbw/ssbbw, or chubuff form to RP as certain female anthros (wether Krystal from StarFox), obscure ones (like Natia from Bomberman Hero), or even in webcomics (Las Lindas and Rascals). Looking to do a Human X Anthro romance RP that will later end up in a Sex Scene. Partners must be literate, post 3-5 sentences or so per post, and be descriptive. I want this rp to contain smooshing (face-sitting, stomping, thigh-squeezing, burying my guy in buttocks, breast-smooshing, belly-flopping), as well as growth on the female anthro's part. if anyone is interested, please send me a note. you must know at least five famous female anthros. thank you!
Andailite47 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016
Hello, to all who read this. I'd like to inform you that, yes I rp. I had gotten into Role play by accident about a year ago and find it fascinating. It's a different form of art and acting- at lest theater wise.)

If you are looking for a rp partner in at the moment I'm open for a couple more. I do take on male characters more times than not. I'm known at the moment for I'm known for my SNK rp. I've taken on Levi numerous times. Armin and just recently Erwin and I love it. 

All rp rules apply. No negotiations. 

I'm receptive of your 'needs' and 'wants' in an rp, and writ accordingly, just let me know. 
I will let you know if I find anything I feel to be crossing a boundary or that I just don't feel comfortable with. 
I will do r18+ when I do I will ask your age.Please be honest. specify what your looking for. I'm not a mind reader 

Please be active in your rp and have a thoughtful response as your chosen character. I find passive RP to be dull. Be willing to fully submerge your self into your character. 
Don't be afraid to talk to me. 

I'm open to your ideas any thoughts 

  And SNK/AOT AU are welcome 
(Note I play mainly canno characters. I will do OCs but be for warned I typically pull my oc on the fly.) 
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Black butler 
-X Files
-Doctor Who
(1 Reply)
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